Arranging a Funeral

The Funeral Arrangement

We believe every person is an individual and therefore a funeral arranged for a loved one should reflect a life lived. Our aim is to provide a services and professional expertise to achieve your requirements, helping to plan every detail. We will never compromise the quality of our service and care to your family and we are proud to be competitively priced.

Our Services

If you require something that is not mentioned above then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be able to assist you.

Making Funeral Arrangements

A close family member or friend would usually the person who arranges the funeral – there are no rules about who can or can’t arrange but must be aware that as instructor they will be responsible for paying for the funeral. The instructor, now our client, will need to make certain decisions regarding the funeral arrangements. When you contact us about arranging a funeral we will arrange to meet you to discuss your requirements – you can do this at our premises or we can come and meet you at home or somewhere of your choosing. We will encourage you to decide some things as soon as you can, such as whether it will be a burial or cremation, when and where you would like the funeral to take place, and whether it will be a religious service or non-religious service.

We will ask you to confirm:

You do not need the Death Certificate in order to get in touch with us, but you will need it before the funeral can take place. We will go through all the options of arranging the funeral and help you to make informed decisions on choices of services and products available.