SAIF Code of Practice
Society of Allied Independent Funeral Directors

We are members of SAIF and abide by the code of practice set out by our membership terms. Should you wish to have further information please visit their website.

Code of Practice - National Association of Funeral Directors

We take pride in providing such a high standard of service and are also members of the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD). Members are required to comply with a strict code of practice. For your own reference we reprint the principles of the code below:

  1. Members shall observe and respect the confidential nature of the information given to them;
  2. Members will respect consumers’ rights and abide by, and comply with, all consumer legislation relative to their dealings with their clients;
  3. Members shall, at all times, offer the best advice and provide the best possible service;
  4. All marketing or advertising is legal, decent, honest and truthful and complies with all requirements of the Advertising Standards Authority and all other relevant legislation and Codes of Practice;
  5. Members shall use best endeavours to ensure that the client understands the range of services offered, the prices and also any known disbursements, these being the fees to be paid on behalf of the client to doctors, ministers, cemetery or crematoria authorities and other third parties involved;
  6. Members shall, in all cases, provide a written confirmation of the funeral arrangements and a written itemised estimate of all funeral charges consistent with the price list, and all disbursements known at the time of making the arrangements. The estimate shall make it clear that the client has accepted, and signed, to the effect that they have accepted personal responsibility for the funeral charges that will complete the contractual arrangements for the funeral. (“Estimate” includes a quotation and is an offer to carry out the specified funeral for the specified price).
  7. Members shall have on display in premises price lists and Code of Practice and Funeral Arbitration Scheme leaflets;
  8. Members shall provide the client with a detailed itemised final account that is comparable with the estimate provided.
  9. Members shall not solicit funeral instructions, nor employ any person to do so, nor shall they offer or give reward for recommendation.
  10. Members shall display, so as to be clearly visible to the public from the outside of the premises, the logos of the National Association of Funeral Directors and the Funeral Arbitration Scheme.
  11. Members are required to co-operate at all times with Trading Standards Offices, Citizens Advice Bureaux, consumer support groups and any other organisation representing clients in the resolution of complaints or disputes.
  12. Members also agree to abide by the decisions of the Disciplinary Committee on any matter referred to them alleging a breach of the Rules and Guidelines of the Association and this Code of Practice.

The Code of Practice and adherence is monitored by the National Association of Funeral Directors.

Any correspondence should be addressed to:
National Association of Funeral Directors,
618 Warwick Road, Solihull,West Midlands B91 1AA.

Telephone: 0845 230 1343, Fax: 0121 711 1351,