Letting People Know

Death Notices and Funeral Announcements

One of the difficult things about losing someone close is letting other people know. Phoning immediate family and close friends can be daunting. Even if they are able to contact other people on your behalf it can still be difficult and time consuming. You may also be worried that you’ve not contacted everyone who would need to know the news. This is why a death announcement or obituary can be useful.

Death Notices are usually placed in the paper local to where the person lived. If they had strong ties to another area – and would perhaps still have a lot of friends there – you may also wish to place a notice in that area’s paper as well.

Some people also place announcements in national papers, such as The Daily Telegraph and The Times. This may be appropriate if your loved one had connections to lots of different areas, moved around a lot or was well known (for example, if they did a lot of charity work, or played sport or performed at professional or semi-professional level). A notice usually tells the person’s life story – so it should mention where they were born, their family, where they worked, their hobbies and any special achievements. Some people like to add a short poem or verse as well – we can help you choose something fitting if you’re unsure of what to include.

You may feel that a shorter notice that simply includes birth and death dates, place of birth, hometown and basic family details, may be more fitting. It’s entirely up to you which style you go with and we’re happy to talk you through your choices and help you find what’s best for you.

Whether it’s a simple announcement or a more detailed appreciation of someone’s life, their death notice will also usually include the funeral details. This would include when and where the funeral is to take place, and any particular instructions you wish people to be aware of, such as what you want mourners to wear or if you would like them to make a charitable donation instead of sending flowers.

We can help you write the notice if you would find that useful and we will take care of placing it – and any other notices or acknowledgements requested – in your chosen papers.