Multi Faith Funerals

We at Barry Pritchard Funeral Services are experienced in arranging funerals to meet all cultural and religious needs.

Our Services include:

Should you have any concerns or wish to ask any questions regarding our services please contact us and we will act speedily in replying.

Private washing and dressing facilities

At Barry Pritchard Funeral Services we cater for the various cultural needs of the diverse community.

For example, we provide ritual washing and dressing facilities for the Asian, Hindu and Sikh community at our premises. You may wish for your loved one to be dressed in their own personal clothing, or alternatively, you can choose to have them dressed in a gown provided by us. Dressing your loved one in their own clothing is normally acceptable, although in some circumstances, particularly cremation, we may need to comply with the Crematorium regulations which restrict certain materials.

We will be happy to discuss your individual requirements and will endeavour to accommodate your wishes.

Private ceremony before the funeral

We also provide the use of a Chapel where the family and mourners may gather to hold a private ceremony before the funeral.

For more information please Contact us.